We’re getting to know the high-end ZTE Axon smartphone more and more these days. Curiously enough, it was announced first for the US market before it was launched in China, which is ZTE’s home market – and usually it’s the other way around. Also, we’re seeing some new details about the phone that wasn’t mentioned in the US announcement, like these three biometric security features in the phone.

With specs like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, 4GB RAM, and dual-lens cameras (for 3D effects), no one will doubt that the ZTE Axon will be a premium device. But ZTE’s announcement of the device for China reveals that it may be one of the first – if not the first – smartphone to incorporate three biometric security features. First is the fingerprint scanner, which we only saw recently when the phone was certified by TENAA. Then the phone also claims to have voice recognition and an “eye scan”. We’re not really sure if the last one is a retinal scan or some sort of identification via a number of images of the user’s eyes.


Also, the China announcement mentions that the ZTE Axon will have Corning’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, a type of protective glass coating which not only is scratch resistant, but also has protection against odor and bacteria. Corning confirms that the ZTE Axon is the first phone to go with this technology.


In China, there will be two versions of this phone – the hefty 128GB internal storage variant that will sell for around USD$627, or the normal 32GB variant which will sell for USD$435. The normal 32GB version should seriously compete with other flagships because of its sub-$500 pricing, but still able to deliver some robust specs.

The smartphone is launched together with the ZTE Axon Watch, a smartwatch running Tencent OS (not Android Wear), and the ZTE Spro 2 Android smart projector.



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