ZTE may not be the best known brand around, but as a sizeable OEM supplier they put a whole lot of mobile gadgets into peoples’ hands.  That’s why we don’t doubt the new ZTE V9 tablet will show up in more than a few places; the Android 2.1 slate has a 7-inch touchscreen, integrated 3G and WiFi.

On the back there’s a 3-megapixel camera, and another camera up-front for video calls.  ZTE aren’t saying exactly what specs the V9 will have when it launches, but they have made a few tweaks to the Android UI to suit the bigger display.  No word on release dates or pricing.

[via Chinitech]


  1. Med hensyn til zte tablet v9 er den ikke pengene værd. Der er ingen bruger vejledning og den kan intet og er meget besværlig, men desværre har jeg købt en. Altså bondefanget.

  2. bruger vejledningen ligger på micro sd-kortet. du tilsltter Zte usb stikket, men inden skal du ind i programmer/udvikling og usb-fejlretning. Din driver til modem i det program virker heller ikke, der skal du hente en ny på deres hjemme side. Peter Løvbjerg

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  4. What is the problem with my zte tablet…when I turn it on appears on the screen FTM???? Help me to solve this problem…

  5. FTM means Field Test Mode. Basically the one you bought is faulty. Take it back to where you bought it with the proof of purchase. If it’s in waranty and has no physical/liquid damage you will get a new one. If it’s out of warranty you will have to pay for a repair. Hope this helps.

  6. yes, ZTE is a good OEM supplier, as well as Huawei, They both have there tablet named ZTE Light and Huawei Ideos S7. The ZTE Light and Huawei Ideos S7 both have 7-inch screens. So somebody had made a detail comparison between the two tablets. http://goo.gl/fDFuH


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