If you own a ZTE Axon 7 Mini in the US, you will currently be on one of three possible software builds – B12, B14MR2, or B16. ZTE USA is now releasing an update that will bring all Axon 7 Mini devices to “Build 21”, and it’s got some new goodies to go with it.

If you are patching from B12 to B21, you will be getting the bulk of the new features for the Axon 7 Mini such as support for T-Mobile’s HD Voice call (VoLTE), new APN settings for all major North American mobile carriers, updated Google apps, and camera optimizations, among other upgrades.

If you are patching from the two other builds, you will be getting Google’s security patches up to December, and this includes the B12 build as well. As per usual, ZTE recommends that you have a battery charge over 30% and download the update via a strong Wi-Fi connection to prevent update failure.

You should be getting your update notification any time soon, but you can also check manually through your phone settings. Just to be sure, it will be good to back up your important data before you start the update.