The ZTE Nubia Z18S is being anticipated since July when it was first shown off with a dual display. It doesn’t have a notch nor a visible front camera but we know it will have two screens. No, it won’t be a foldable-flexible phone but an ordinary smartphone with touch displays on both sides. Don’t believe us? A hands-on video of what is said to be the upcoming ZTE Nubia phone appeared on Weibo.

The ZTE Nubia Z18S follows the Nubia Z18 announced earlier. It comes equipped with a 91.8% screen-to-body ratio so you know it’s huge. And with the Nubia Z18S, another screen will be added so we can expect more screen real estate. It’s the two-screen model that is different from the other dual-screen phones we’ve seen in the past.

The ZTE Axon M foldable phone is different while the Nubia Z18S makes an impression with the back-to-back display. Somehow, the hands-on video makes it more believable:

The fingerprint reader is found on the right compared to the rear location on the Z18. There’s only one camera but that’s okay because this means you can use the back camera and still see yourself on the rear display.

No information on specs are available but the phone is expected to run on Snapdragon 845. This means the new Nubia phone will be considered a flagship phone offering.

VIA: Weibo