Over a month ago at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019), ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia announced a unique mobile gadget that combines the functions of a smartphone and smartwatch. At first glance, you would first think it is a new wearable but it really is a smartphone. What’s more notable about this device is the design that reminds us a lot of the iconic 90’s accessory–the slap bracelet. It’s not a concept nor a prototype–the Nubia Alpha slap bracelet is for real.

Officially called as the Nubia Alpha, this bracelet smartphone, like the slap bracelet, can be clipped to your wrist. We remember other wearables with similar designs but this one is more of a smartphone more than it is a smartwatch.

The Nubia Alpha boasts either just the Bluetooth-enable or eSIM version. It runs on a small Snapdragon 2100 processor and only 1GB of RAM. It can be powered by a custom Android with its 500mAh battery that can last for up to two days on normal use.

Nubia’s Alpha band comes with a 4-inch OLED with 960 × 192 pixel resolution. The multi-touch display allows the user to go to menus, scroll through options, and use the gesture-based air controls.

Your orders can be placed beginning April 8, 2019 with availability also this Q2. The eSIM version could be availed in gold in China starting this April. China and Europe will get it in in the third and fourth quarter, respectively.

ou can avail of the Nubia Alpha from several Chinese retailers like Tmall, Suning, and JD.com. You can get the device now and receive a free Bluetooth headset. Six interest-free installments are also offered but we find it interesting that the final price is still unknown although we know the Bluetooth version is said to cost €449 which is around $510 (£390 or AU$710 in Europe and China).

The Nubia Alpha also comes in black with a rumored €549 price tag ($620/£475/AU$870). The gold model may be around €649 ($740/£560/AU$1,030)

VIA: Mspoweruser