ZTE Axon 20 is the first smartphone to feature an under-display camera that is hidden from plain sight, giving the user a hole-punch or waterdrop notch-free, true full display. Other players have also been working on this technology for their mobile devices, but ZTE has managed to master all the caveats earlier than others. How the technology adaptation actually works for the smartphone is a question not much clear earlier. However, now there is some clarity.

A couple of images by leaker Digital Chat Station of the under-display camera screen with a flat color background throw light on the magic. The square section of the display on top of the camera has a lower pixel density when compared to the rest of the screen area. It is more like a 720p display in that section rather than a 1080p display. The scarcity in the pixels creates gaps for the light to go through for the camera sensor.

So, factually, the camera isn’t totally out of sight – only it is unnoticeable when using a standard wallpaper. To achieve the right balance of both screen quality in that specific area and the under-display camera prowess, ZTE looks to have done things rightly. How the camera performs and if there are going to be any issues with the display, will only be clear later.

One more thing to take notice of is the fact that the camera is more or less in the status bar territory, which won’t be noticeable at most times. It will make the square section blend perfectly in real-life usage without any visual irks. The leakster has also promised to post more on Axon 20’s display in the coming days, so browse back if you’re interested.