With Halloween coming up next week the zombies are starting to come out of the darkness and grace the world of Android. Earlier we mentioned a new Gameloft game Zombiewood, but what we have for you below looks even better. Last year we showed you an amazing looking Tegra 3 game called Zombie Driver THD, and it’s finally coming soon.

Zombie Driver THD is bloody and gory, but it looks freaking awesome. We first mentioned this back in November of last year, and just two weeks ago it finally launched for PC and consoles — with the Android version coming soon. How soon? We have no clue but have a feeling it will be just in time for Halloween. Possibly even next week.

As far as we know this will launch as an NVIDIA Tegra 3 exclusive, just like we reported back last year. The graphics are stunning, the explosions are detailed and full of fireballs, and the physics as you drive through hoards of zombies is epic. Without ruining all the excitement about this impressive looking THD game check out the brand new official Zombie Driver THD launch trailer released just last week:

Looks amazing right? With Zombie Driver THD on Android you’ll get to enjoy all sorts of vehicles to cause mayhem, not to mention flame throwers, missiles and everything else you’ve just seen from the epic game trailer above. When we first saw this game 11 months ago it looked awesome and we expected it to arrive sooner, but now that it’s almost here it is time to get excited. We can’t wait to enjoy this on our Tegra 3 powered Android phones and tablets.