Although we’re obviously very much into hacking and the inside control of your device via the breaking apart of the systems set in place by the powers of the manufacturers and the carriers, sometimes it’s nice to see an app that’ll do all sorts of useful stuff for everyone, not just those with a working knowledge of how to break down and build up a phone from scrap. What the following app does is offer you an entire toolbox of functionality all in one place, from traffic info to app lock to do not disturb and more!

Generally also we’re a bit wary of all-in-one apps as they often scrimp on each function in order to keep the size of the whole smaller than it’d be with each single app. Here though, we’ve got a bit more confidence in the fellow who designed the setup. ZDbox offers you a completely lovely user interface with easy to read and control information and functions for your phone. Battery Info, Traffic Tracking, Do Not Disturb, App Lock, Task Killer, and App Manager are its main functions.

This app is completely free and available via a thread created by the designer ikaola on XDA Developer Forums. This app is not entirely complete just yet, thustly the designer asks for your help in developing and tweaking if you’d be so kind. Head over to thread 963199 and see if its the kind of skateboard you’d like to ride.

As our HTC Inspire 4G through AT&T has side-loading apps disabled, we decided to take a look at this app with ol’ reliable, that being our Samsung Continuum. On this phone the app is working perfectly, we can barely tell that it’s an app in development. In fact, we’re surprised the thing isn’t released in the Android Market right now for $.99. We’d buy it!