ItsOn had been tipped to launch a new mobile offering and in that respect, they have done just that. The one catch, while ItsOn has launched today, it did not arrive exactly as was expected. Basically, instead of ItsOn taking advantage of the Verizon Wireless network, they have chosen to use the network of another US based CDMA carrier. Perhaps more important though, ItsOn has launched the service as Zact and it is indeed a no-contract carrier.

For those curious, Zact is using the Sprint network. The basics here, users will be able to pick their device and then create a plan with what they need. Some of the highlights here include no-contract, no overages, no-cost sharing and more. Zact has a few options to get you started or you can dive right in and create a plan based on what you need to have. The preset plans begin at $3.49 per month and go up to $66.21 for the Super Size option.

Just to clarify, you did read that correctly — they start at $3.49. Granted, that plan includes only 30 minutes of talk time, 25 text messages and 50MB of data, but it is $3.49. Basically, this could be a good option for those who truly want a phone for an emergency and little else. Zact also has a mid-level plan for $27.09 which includes 500 minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data.

Getting started is pretty simple though, you choose your plan and choose your phone. Those who want more or less of something can also create a plan from scratch. These plans are based off the $3.49 Just A Taste plans and allow you to add in anything from 0-4,000 voice minutes, 0-10,000 text messages and up to 2GB of data. While the plans are wide open and flexible, there are only a few options to pick from in terms of a device.

Zact has the LG Viper 4G LTE and the LG Optimus Elite. The former is priced at $399 and the latter is priced at $199. We should also mention the Optimus Elite is available in black and white. Otherwise, while the service is open for sign-ups as of today, Zact is actually still in the pre-order stage. At the moment the shipping times for the handsets show as being the week of June 3. All said and done, it looks like those in the US now have another prepaid carrier to choose from.