youtube music gapless playback

Gapless playback support is important mainly for the users. Adding such support is also major for any music streaming program or app because it helps set the full audio listening experience. We noted some services that added gapless playback including doubleTwist, Google Play Music, and foobar2000 music player. This time, YouTube Music is getting the same feature. It has actually rolled out to a few YouTube Music subscribers and now all Premium users can officially take advantage of the update.

YouTube Music is relatively a new service from YouTube. It started rolling out to markets in early 2018. It soon received a number of updates from Charts to help you keep up with the latest to allowing albums and playlists to be added. Gapless playback has just begun.

YouTube Music subscribers can finally enjoy gapless playback. The next song can start right away–no need for a short or long pause. The result is a continuous audio listening experience.

Only YouTube Music Premium subscribers can take advantage of gapless support. It’s only available for Android and the web. The change also includes being able to join capabilities audio quality setting (Low, Normal, High, and Always High) for both mobile network and WiFi.


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