YouTube Live Broadcast was officially announced last year as one way to beat Meerkat and Periscope. Even before it was available for commercial use, YouTube has been offering live streaming since 2011. Some notable events include the Royal Wedding, Felix Baumgartner leap from space, and Coachella earlier this year. The latter was even memorable because it was a 360-degree live stream.

YouTube has been working on some new changes to the mobile app for Android and iOS TO allow a better live video streaming experience not only for creators but also for all avid watchers on YouTube. YouTube live streaming will soon be convenient from mobile. It’s something like what Samsung phone owners can already do but it’s only now that mobile live streaming will be possible for other mobile users as the feature will be integrated into the app.

When your YouTube app is open and you want to live stream or broadcast right away, you can just click on the red capture button you will see in the corner. Choose an image as a thumbnail and start broadcasting and even chat with other people. Obviously, this is something that will directly rival Facebook Live.

Youtube live 2

YouTube official demoed this feature at the VidCon yesterday with artists like The Young Turks, Platica Polinesia, Alex Wassabi, SacconeJolys, and AIB.

SOURCE: YouTube Creator Blog