Well, we looked inside the Google OnHub in a teardown already, and we could forgive Google for being a little bit hasty with putting together this high-tech router. There’s a lot of robust tech within the internals of the Google’s new home router, and now we’re discovering another one – the Google OnHub router runs Chrome OS.

One of the few things you need to do when you’re part of an organization of people who feel the need to tweak Android stuff – pretty much what the group of modders from Exploitee.rs are – is to make sure you have root access to the device. When they rooted the Google OnHub, they found out that they had to root it like a Chromebook, because that’s what it has – it runs on Chrome OS. See their video below.

This means that Google may have a lot of plans in trying to gain control of your living room and your home networking. We did discover that the OnHub has a Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8064 internet processor as well as the Silicon Labs EM3581 SOC network co-processor. The Skyworks 66109, another processor clocked at 2.4GHz, is also contained within the unit. Although this doesn’t mean that the OnHub can be a processing unit of sorts, it does mean that Google is priming the router to be able to deal with multiple protocols and heavy bandwith.


Google’s latest update to their OnHub homepage says this: “OnHub connects with your laptop or tablet through 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, and includes next-generation technologies like Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave, and 802.15.4, so that over time it will support a growing number of ‘smart devices.'” So let’s look forward to what Google has planned for our home networks.

VIA: SlashGear