Most video drones these days have four rotors (some even have more), but Yi Technology is moving away from the mainstream design for their new Erida Drone. The new drone has a tricopter design (only three rotors), and is able to give you 4K video recording at 60fps via the Yi action camera, which is pretty robust for whatever your video needs may be.

The Erida Drone is reportedly made with high-strength and lightweight carbon fiber for its frame – this and the streamlined design gives the drone speeds of up to 75mph. Flight times may vary, but testing shows that you can get as much as 40 minutes of drone flight, while recording up to 120 minutes of 4K video.

Users will be able to control the drone via an app you can install on their smartphone. The app gives access to camera settings, shutter control, exposure value compensation, level sensitivity, metering mode, and white balance. The Erida Drone also has an advanced gimbal system for giving users smooth shots during its flight.

The rotors of the tricopter also fold in to make it more compact and easier to transport. We still don’t know when it will launch, but CES 2017 is a good place to do it, we think. There is also no information yet about the pricing, but this technology won’t come cheap.

VIA: SlashGear