Chinese brand Xiaomi is looking to expand into other gadget markets, this specifically targeted at the pretty successful action camera niche. The YI 4K camera is made by YI Technology, backed by Xiaomi to take on market-leading GoPro at their own game. From the looks of it, the YI 4K camera deserves at least a good look.

The YI 4K camera is actually a follow-up to the company’s HD camera which launched last year and was pretty popular in the Chinese market. What you get is an action camera with the latest Sony IMX377 low-power 12MP camera sensor, and it promises you 2 hours of 4K video with its 1400mAh battery.


The YI 4K has been out in China since May, with international versions available if you know where to look. This camera competes in the range of the GoPro HERO4, but it promises twice the battery life for almost half the price, at USD$250. That alone should make you look twice.


The YI 4K camera is available for pre-order in the US directly from Amazon. You can actually get it from other sites, but Amazon guarantees you a US warranty and a faster shipping when it ships tomorrow.

VIA: YI Technology