It looks like today happens to be a day when apps that were once iOS only arrive for Android users. Earlier today we saw the release of a game called Dots and now it looks like the Yahoo! Weather app has also arrived. Well, specifically, the redesigned Yahoo! Weather app that arrived for iOS a little while back. That said, the Yahoo! Weather app has arrived as one would expect — by way of the Google Play Store and for free.

With that in mind, we installed the app to give it a look and must admit, we were pleasantly surprised. Yahoo! Weather ties in with images from Flickr which makes it rather nice to look at. The images are also connected to your location, which for us meant a nice image of a kiteboarder from a beach about a mile down the road.

The app launches with a display of the weather and shows the basics such as current temperature along with the daily high and low and current forecast (which for us happens to be partly cloudy).

A swipe up brings much more in terms of detail. From here you can get the 5 or 10-day forecast as well as a breakdown of the hourly weather for the next few hours. Further scrolling brings more details to include the current feels like temperature, humidity, visibility and UV index. There are also maps, wind pressure, precipitation and sun and moon charts. You can get a look a the presentation in the gallery sitting above.


Otherwise, there are also a handful of widgets available. In fact, it seems there should be enough widget options for just about any size or style preference. You can get a look at six of those widgets in the above screenshots. That all being said, those looking to check out the app can grab it anytime from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Yahoo!