Betaworks is a name that some may recognize from services such as Bitly, Digg and Instapaper. But in addition to those, Betaworks has also had a rather popular game that was available only to iOS users. That game is called Dots and as of today it has arrived for Android users.

The game is available for free and can be found in the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. With that in mind, we should also offer the warning about how it is easy to pick and hard to put down. The idea behind Dots is simple, you are presented with a grid layout of colored dots and you have to connect as many of the same-colored dots as you can.

You play each round for 60 seconds and can also bring in the social side by connecting your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. There is also a multi-player option which has you playing a board and then passing it over to a friend for a one-on-one competition of sorts. Aside from the gameplay that had been available for iOS Dots players, the Android release has also brought a new feature.

That new feature is an un-timed moves based mode called Moves. The one catch with Moves, while the time restriction has been removed, there is a limit of 30 moves per game. Otherwise, Dots has 25 challenges that you can unlock to get trophies.

Taking that a step further and those trophies also award you with bonus dots. And for those who are slightly more competitive in terms of games, the harder the challenge the more dots you can earn. Dots for Android requires Android 2.2 or later and will run equally well on a tablet or smartphone.

SOURCE: Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore