Earlier this month, we bid farewell to Yahoo Messenger–the beloved instant messenger that we used through our 20’s. It died a natural death, suffering the same fate as MIRC and ICQ. Skype may soon be a thing of the past, no thanks to mobile messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, and now, Android Messages. Yahoo has recently launched a group messaging app called Squirrel but it’s by invitation only. A lot has happened to several Yahoo services but we don’t think the company is going away anytime soon. We’re actually feeling more positive especially after the Yahoo-AOL merger.

Well, we’re not really interested in other Yahoo services but we care about Yahoo! Mail. We still use Yahoo mail but not as our main inbox. Many were left wondering what would happen now to their AOL or Yahoo emails. They’re still present somewhere. In fact, Yahoo is introducing an all-new mobile experience for the Yahoo! Mail. An Android Go version of the app is also rolling out as well, ready to make things faster and more convenient for the loyal Yahoo mail account owners.

Yahoo wants to make its mail service to remain relevant especially in the mobile industry. You see, more people now depend on their smartphones or tablets to check their inbox so it’s only right Yahoo work on the webmail service.

The last update we featured was over a year ago when the Yahoo Mail app let you use any email address. We haven’t heard much about it but Yahoo is still committed to improving the mobile web experience by launching a more modern version that is also speedy and then optimized with colorful themes.

The new Yahoo Mail has more free space now as the app is lighter. This means faster navigation as well with a simple swipe through, folders for organization, easy customization, and quick search. The new Yahoo also lets you scroll all the way down an inbox so you can see more emails, thanks to infinite scrolling. Once you open a message, you can also do quick actions on emails like forward, delete, and reply.

To make things faster, feel free to set an icon and add to your phone’s home screen. Click on it when you want to quickly launch your inbox. Expect to see smoother transitions, modern fonts, updated design, and active-like interaction animations.

Yahoo Mail on mobile browser is obviously new on the surface but like the fact that the architecture beneath is also modern and enhanced in JavaScript and uses AJAX. Reloads have been removed as all actions are now instant. Expect to a more fully interactive app-like experience

Yahoo Mail Go

If you want the actual app, you can try Yahoo Mail Go for Android Go. It’s the lighter version of the app that uses fewer data. Android Go devices will benefit from this version as it is optimized for entry-level phones. This means install size and RAM usage will be lower. If you own an Android Oreo Go edition phone, download Yahoo Mail Go from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Yahoo!


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