We don’t really know why you would, but Yahoo is still hoping that you would choose their email app as your default on your mobile device. Okay, they do have a few great features after all. But even if Yahoo Mail itself is anathema to you, you can now use their email app even if you’re using an email address that is not with Yahoo. So whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, or AOL, you can still use Yahoo Mail on your Android device.

Yahoo is trying to convince users of course to use their mail app by showcasing the different features that you may not find in other email apps. When you search for a specific email, their algorithm will give you the most relevant results and not just all the emails that may have the keyword. It also has people-only notification so you know when you receive emails just from actual people and not from brands or companies.

But it also has features that may have been inspired by other apps, like customizable swipes to make it easier to deal with tons of emails, personalized themes and stationery, and multiple mailbox management. Yahoo is still struggling to find its place in the world, and so they’re constantly pushing for their apps in case they will be able to do a Microsoft and be an app powerhouse as well.

To use your own email address on the Yahoo Mail app, download it first from the Google Play Store for free. Then in the welcome screen, choose your email provider from among the options, then give Yahoo permission to sync your email messages to the app.



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