Inevitably, community developers will have to catch up with the newer Android platforms. We’ve seen Android 7.0 Nougat being launched, and more recently, Android 7.1. This means that the numerous changes of the operating system “under the hood” will result to community developed apps needing updates, if not total overhauls. XDA developer “rovo89” gives us the lowdown on what’s happening to Xposed Framework with Nougat in view.

Since Xposed is by design a modular framework where different tweak and feature modules can run, it will require a lot of effort to get it running on a new version like Nougat, like it was when Lollipop and Marshmallow came out. Here’s what the developer says about the current status:

“Hooks are generally working now. However, they’re still unreliable for inlined methods and when JIT is used (which is often the case). I had given a few technical insights here. I’m currently thinking about the different situations that need to be handled and I create unit tests for them. Then I need to fix those which are failing or even crashing the device – ideally without recompiling the whole ROM like in previous versions. Not sure if the latter is possible though.”

First, he reveals that he is in the process of making the changes. Inevitably, there are the “howevers” in his statement, which basically means that there will be a lot of challenges moving Xposed forward for Nougat. It will take some work, but the developer is saying it is possible.

If you want to get some technical insight into the issue, you can check rovo89’s post here, and follow the thread for discussions. The words you are waiting for are these – Xposed for Nougat is possible, but it will take a while. So we wait.



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