Well now we’ve been given quite a treat here! Now that the Xperia PLAY has been released in several places around the world, it’s been being ripped apart for several minutes, hours, and days, and now its guts are being distributed across the earth. What we’ve got here is not only the regular set of wallpaper images at full size, but several APK files ripped from the original build of this brand new Playstation phone. Have a peek below and devour!

Before you begin flipping out, note that most of this small set of items can currently only be used on Xperia devices or just the Xperia PLAY itself. That said, there’s nothing holding you back from tearing them apart and rebuilding them to suit whatever device you’ve got, then sharing them back to us. Furthermore, we’d like to thank FrankXDA for handing us these files, including the wallpapers, so that we can give them to you, the rest of the Android Community.

Each of these items is Xperia PLAY optimized. This means there may well be functionality that you cannot access, and they just might not work at all. Bear that tip in mind. Have a look here at each of the apk files:
Sims 3
Music Widget
Office Suite

Then as for the wallpapers, you’ll have to take a trip over to our Facebook for that. All of them have been uploaded at full size to a gallery where you can download at will. Make sure you hit the DOWNLOAD button instead of clicking the image itself to make sure you’re getting full resolution: [Android Community Facebook] THEN if you’d like to also take note of the contest we’ve got going on: SEE HERE how you can be one of three lucky winners of our BRAND NEW embroidered Android Community 2011 polo shirts!