A relative newcomer (or so it would appear) to the game, son1c, has dumped the Xperia PLAY ROM on XDA Developer Forums. This is rather exciting as once this occurs, the rest of the fun can begin. We’re in a bit of an odd place at the moment when it comes to this phone as it’s not officially launched here in the USA, but basically the rest of the world has it in their hands – so we’re sort of relying on the rest of the earth to let us in on the fun until we’ve got it here.

Have a peek through this package as seen here on XDA and let us know what you find. We ask that you respect son1c’s wishes that the file not be hosted anywhere else and link to the XDA post as we have here. Be cool man, be cool. Also, if you’d like to see what’s already been found inside, head back to the post we just posted by the name of Xperia PLAY Wallpapers, Tetris, Office Suite, Sims 3, Music Widget and, like we said there, devour!

Then until we get our own hands on the Xperia PLAY stateside, we’ll have to rely on our fabulous UK ally Chris Davies, a man who’s already brought us one excellent review and close-up look at the device. Then, if you’d like all the Xperia PLAY news you can handle, hit the Xperia PLAY PORTAL LINK! Games ahoy!

[via XDA Developers Forum]



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