Sony has been promising access to its PlayStation suite for more Android smartphones for a while now, though only the Tablet S and Tablet P have seen an actual update, in addition to the original XPERIA Play. Now one of Sony’s newest Android phones, the XPERIA arc [sic] is getting the gaming service, but only in Japan at the moment. The XPERIA acro, a Japan-only smartphone, is also getting updated.

While the XPERIA arc doesn’t appear on any carrier list in the US, Americans can get an unlocked GSM version, and the arc has been released to some fanfare in Europe. Unfortunately PlayStation certification and by extension the PlayStation store aren’t available in these markets, but hopefully it won’t be too long before westerners get some PSX goodness on the arc. Owners of the Tablet S and the still-elusive Tablet P can already take advantage of both, though obviously they’ll be doing so without the XPERIA Play’s hardware controls.

If you’re a PlayStation fan who can’t (or won’t) switch Sony Ericsson for smartphone hardware, take heart: the company may be planning to expand its certification program to non-Sony devices. Considering that Sony’s still a ways behind the big Android players, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Sony to focus on its software and rich IP catalog. There’s only a dozen PlayStation games available for download at the moment, but if Sony can expand its library and open it up to a growing base of high-powered android phones and tablets. In the meantime, PlayStation Suite developers can get their SDK on.

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