Xiaomi is a smartphone maker that many people are familiar with that has some very popular devices in many parts of the world. The latest device from the company was the Mi 4 and it was so popular that it sold out quickly.

A new tool has launched for those who need to manage multiple Xiaomi devices from one PC. The tool is called simply XiaomiTool and it is an open source tool developed by a XDA Senior manager going by Linuxxx.

The tool includes the ability to backup and restore multiple devices, import photos, root the smartphones, install apps, and push or pull files to the devices. XiaomiTool also supports switching to Dalvik or ART, the ability to record the screen of a device, and installing of custom recovery. Mi series devices can be repartitioned.

The tool supports flashing custom ROMs to multiple devices and custom zip filed. XiaomiTool works with Redmi 1S, Mi 2S, Mi 3W, and Mi 4W smartphones. Additional device compatibility is in the world for a future update.

SOURCE: XDA-Developers