Xiaomi has quickly made a follow-up to the Yi Action Camera introduced early this month in the form of the Yi Home Camera. The name itself tells us the device is meant for home use unlike the Action camera that is best for outdoor adventures. Xiaomi’s Yi is selling the camera devices exclusively on Amazon.

For the holiday season, Amazon can even send the item to a specific recipient for gift-wrapped already. This house cam is capable of infrared night vision, HD 720p video recording, activity notifications, and real-time streaming. It comes equipped with 4X digital zoom lens, 111º wide angle lens. Actually, the camera has been available in other countries but it’s only now the home security HD camera is made available in the United States together with the Yi Action Camera.

Xiaomi’s Yi group has already sold more than two millions units this year according to Amazon. The Yi Action Camera is also now selling well. It doesn’t need any monthly subscription fee as you can use like any ordinary home camera. You can use a microSD card to store your video files securely. Device works with a compatible app that is downloadable from the Play Store.

The Yi Action Camera app was just updated with a new Yi account system and a redesigned video display interface for a smoother navigation and mobile experience. The app also now offers support for the Israel version of the device.

Download Yi Home Camera from the Google Play Store

Buy the Official U.S. Edition of the Yi Home Camera from Amazon

SOURCE: Amazon