Xiaomi is renowned for making stellar handsets, and offering them at unreal prices. Through accessory sales, they make up profit “lost” via device sale markdowns. Wildly popular, and with sales growing exponentially, the Chinese OEM is said to be taking their business model one step further by offering a smartphone for around $50.

While we’ve seen this from others like MicroMax, an offering from Xioami is intriguing. They have an established track record of bringing strong devices to market at low prices, where their handset often sell out in minutes via their online marketplace. Creating a frenzy has been accomplished with higher end devices, and it seems as though Xiaomi may be poised to do it again.

This move is said to be focussed on Japan, where Xiaomi now has help in bringing their devices outside of China. Though not thought of as an emerging market, Japan is likely — like any other market — intrigued by good, low-cost devices. A move like that would also be a really great way for Xiaomi to make a big splash in a new market.

Though unconfirmed, bold moves are nothing new to Xiaomi, so we’re not going to discount this just yet. We also don’t have information on what device could be on offer, or when it could be released. Though unconfirmed, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, so we’ll just lock this away in the recesses of our mind until we hear more.



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