Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi is one prolific brand. It has introduced a few devices recently: the Redmi K40 series and the Mi 11. There’s also the Redmi Note 10 series announced for global release. It seems Xiaomi is entering the premium phone market while still maintaining affordability. There are still pricey phones from the brand but not as expensive as those from Samsung, Huawei, or Apple. As for Xiaomi, it only wants to bring consumers more options to the mobile market that’s already saturated.

More flagship smartphones will be announced by Xiaomi this year. More mid-rangers will also enter the game. Not all will have the best functions but most will come with premium features especially when it comes to camera performance. Charging support will also be ready and will be better.

By better charging, we mean faster. How fast? 200W fast charging. An upcoming Xiaomi phone will be the first smartphone with 200W fast charging. The target release date is second half of 2021. The technology and device may not be fully ready yet but Xiaomi is already working on them.

Xiaomi is also said to include high-power reverse charging and wireless charging. With the improved charging technology, the current Xiaomi phone with the fastest charging, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, will be replaced. At the moment, it offers 120W charging. That is fast already but 200W is faster.

If and when Xiaomi finally introduces the phone with 200W fast charging, it will then be Xiaomi’s fastest. It will also be considered the fastest in the world.