For security reasons, most phones will not give you access to your phone with just a fingerprint scan after a reboot. Instead, they will require you to enter your PIN code or password as added security. This is standard for most phones, and the same for the Xiaomi Mi A1 – but a recently released mod might allow you to bypass this behavior.

We know that there is a perfectly good security reason why most phones require a PIN code or password after reboot. But if you have a Xiaomi Mi A1, and you want to bypass this behavior, a mod might be the answer. This mod is the creation of XDA member “Rajeev”, and it requires root access and TWRP custom recovery for it to work.

This mod will give you the capability to access your Mi A1 with just a fingerprint scan after a reboot. Apart from that, it also has some nice interface tweaks and additions. You will have to download the files needed via the source link below and follow the flashing instructions to the hilt. REMEMBER that your Mi A1 needs to be rooted for this to work.

Fortunately, the Xiaomi Mi A1 runs on stock Android One software, so gaining root access will not be that difficult. This is Xiaomi’s first stock Android phone, and hopefully it won’t be the last.