MIUI 7 now available for non-Xiaomi phones

Truth be told, I’ve never warmed to MIUI – which if you don’t recognize the name, it is the skinned user interface that Xiaomi uses as its version of Android for its phones. MIUI has a very iOS feel to it – it’s very streamlined and minimalist, but not lacking in eye candy. It is very easy on the eyes, but I really haven’t developed a liking to it. But a lot of other people have, and they like it, for one reason or another. That is why, this news that MIUI 7 can be installed on non-Xiaomi phones should be good news for some.

Xiaomi launches in Africa next month through Mobile in Africa

The top mobile phone brand in China will finally arrive in the fastest growing mobile region for the past five years. This September, Xiaomi will finally reach the sub-Saharan African region as the Chinese brand will now be distributed by Mobile in Africa Limited to 50 countries across the continent. This is part of their brand expansion beyond their homeland, trying to get an even bigger share of the worldwide mobile pie and probably scaring their closest competitors in the process.

MIUI 7 beta now rolling out via OTA or Fastboot download

Recently, Xiaomi announced that it would (finally) give a refresh to the long serving MIUI 6 user interface. If you don’t know about MIUI, this is the preferred Android UI for Xiaomi devices, designed by Xiaomi themselves. It’s a little bit too much eye candy for me personally, but a lot of other people like the sleek and sweet style of MIUI. The refresh comes in the form of MIUI 7, all compatible for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi 4i, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G.

CM 12.1 nightly builds now out for the Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4

So you own a Xiaomi device – say last year’s Mi 3 or the current gen Mi 4 – and you would really like to know how the device runs on Android Lollipop. Through official channels – that is, through Xiaomi’s official MIUI software, that’s not going to be possible at the moment. Good thing the guys behind CyanogenMod have now put out nightly CM 12.1 builds for these Xiaomi devices.

MIUI 7 announced, lots of new features but still Kitkat, sort of

China-based device manufacturers Xiaomi has one of the fastest growing user base in the world to date, and with its robust phones and phablets (at very affordable price points), it is keen to also share its version of the Android platform to its users. MIUI 7 – the newest version of Xiaomi’s preferred UI for its phones – has just been announced by the outfit in an event in India, and will drop to users by August 24.

Xiaomi launches MIUI 7 OS, Redmi Note 2, Mi Wi Fi nano in China

We don’t know if Xiaomi actually meant to steal Samsung’s thunder, but on the very day that the latter was launching their brand new devices, apparently the former was also doing a launch of their own, although it was on the other side of the world. Xiaomi launched in China not just their brand new phablet, the Redmi Note 2, but even their Mi Wi Fi nano router, and also the Miui7, an OS that is based on the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

More leaked photos of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 sighted

Xiaomi is expected to unveil the latest Redmi Note 2. By August 16, we might see the new phablet from the Chinese Android device maker. And as with many special tech events and announcements, we can also expect more rumors and leaks to be shared even before the official launch.

Xiaomi outs first locally manufactured budget Redmi 2 Prime in India

We're patiently waiting for the recently leaked Redmi Note 2 phablet to be released next week but Xiaomi surprised us today by announcing the Redmi 2 Prime. This model was introduced in India where the mobile device was actually made, specifically in Xiaomi's Sri City manufacturing facility. Nothing much is different from the improved Redmi 2 entry-level smartphone that launched earlier in January as the design, look, and feel of the phone is the same.

Redmi Note 2 to reportedly launch next week; specs leaked

What has been confirmed is that Xiaomi will be launching the new version of their MIUI ROM next week. But what insiders are now speculating is that alongside it, a new Redmi Note model will be announced as well. It’s been a while since the original was introduced to the market, and the Redmi Note 2 will be highly anticipated by those looking for a mid-range phablet, as well as fans of the popular Chinese brand.

Xiaomi regains top smartphone position in China; Huawei a close 2nd 

The Chinese smartphone market is truly a different animal from almost the rest of the world as their local OEMs dominate both sales and shipments. According to figures by Canalys, Xiaomi has regained the top ranking, taking over from Apple which was first the previous quarter. In fact, one of three phones shipped in China were either from Huwaei or from Xiaomi, which is now in second place. Apple falls to 3rd, while Samsung and Vivo round up the top five.
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