We’re not strangers to teardown videos but honestly, it can be stressful at times especially if the phone is a premium one. It’s either that or we get disappointed that the device we love is not as easy to open or repair. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the phone of the hour especially as it won the durability test by the same guy who just pried it open.

Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything opens the Xiaomi Mi 6 in this video below. Finally, we can get to see what makes it a winner and a potential rival of the newest and more expensive flagships today.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is not IP68-rated. It’s not fully waterproof but is only splashproof as described by the OEM. Like most of you, we’ve been wondering why the company didn’t put the IP68 rating. The video below explains why.

Well, the new Xiaomi phone’s charging port is not water-resistant. You don’t see any rubber ring around it and it’s not really sealed along the back. Zack noted that this phone is almost waterproof and perhaps this is one step closer to a fully waterproof Xiaomi phone It could just be a trial model but then again the Xiaomi Mi 6 is already very impressive. Even if there is no headphone jack, the phone’s specs and performance have greatly improved.

We can still say water can’t come in easily because of the mesh screen, mic grille, and some rubber seal on the SIM slot. Unfortunately, the USB-C port is wide open so that’s a problem.

Opening the phone is easy. The teardown isn’t challenging at all because all the Xiaomi Mi 6 needs are some heating up, the metal pry tool, and a whole lot of patience. That back is slightly difficult to open because it is secure which is still good news because that means the phone is secure.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything