When the conversation turns to Xiaomi, it’s usually to discuss their rapid device sales. The Chinese OEM routinely sells new devices out in seconds — literally. Via their online portal, devices typically unload in less than two minutes, making them one of the more unique Android OEMs around. This time, we find those quick sellouts add up to massive numbers.

In the three months we’ve been enjoying 2014, Xiaomi has sold over 11 million devices. They wish to bring that number to 60 million for the entire year, a goal CEO Lei Jun revamped from 40 million on this news. In 2013, they saw a 160% increase in sales over 2012, making those lofty goals seem reachable.

The sales are impressive, but even moreso when their comepttion is considered. Xiaomi is just shy of reaching 50% of Samsung’s sales figures, and the South Korean company has many more devices, and reached many more consumers. Xiaomi is currently limited to China — but not for long.

A 2014 expansion project will have them reach many more Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia. The recently announced Redmi Note will be available internationally soon, with recent hire Hugo Barra expected to be a familiar face for the company moving forward. As for the future of Xiaomi, there are bigger expectations; the company wants to sell 100 million devices in 2015.

Source: Xiaomi
Via: The Next Web