MIUI 9 Game Speed Booster

Xiaomi phones are still doing well in the mobile market. The brand may have been overtaken by Huawei in the recent years as the top Chinese OEM but it’s still going strong. In India, it holds about a quarter of the online sales although it has Samsung for a close rival. The South Korean tech giant is all set to challenge Xiaomi in the same category but there’s no need to worry yet. What we like most about Xiaomi is how it works on software updates. It regularly involves users by launching Beta ROMs first.

The latest MIUI 9 ROM is no different. It’s still in Beta for most devices as China Beta but there’s also the Global Beta ROM and the China Stable versions. For those on MIUI 9, please note that a new feature has been added to the latest ROM. It is one change mobile gamers will appreciate because it offers significant enhancements to the performance of a game. What it does is basically improve a game’s performance on Xiaomi devices running MIUI 9.

The Game Speed Booster is a mobile app that works by stopping all other processes in the background to make more memory space or RAM available. It restricts background sync for a lag-free performance. It aims to maintain fps by boosting CPU for a smoother visual quality as much as possible.

Game Speed Booster helps maintain connection a first priority, prevents network switching, and cleans cache automatically. The Performance Mode uses maximum CPU usage. With the app, you can also enable the loudspeaker for hands-free calls while playing games. Feel free to use the Silent Mode, turn off incoming notifications (DND), turn off buttons, and fix screen brightness.

Here’s how you can set up the Game Speed Booster:

1.) Go to Security> Game Speed Booster> then choose ‘Got it’.
2.) After a shortcut is created, proceed to the Game Speed Booster app shortcut, and click to run it.
3.) Choose ‘Add games’ to add games.
4.) Enable the games you want to enjoy with the Game Speed Booster running.