Back in December, the Xfinity app hit the Android Market and brought with it a program guide on your Android device. At the time what a lot of people really wanted was the ability to stream programs directly to their Android device and Comcast said that the Xfinity TV app was in the pipeline that would allow that program streaming.

Comcast has now announced that the Xfinity TV app is on the Android market and ready for users to download. The app allows the user to change the channel on the tuner, program their DVR, search programs, browse TV listings, and now play on demand content. Comcast says that “soon” the app will get the ability to stream thousands of hours of on demand video directly to your mobile device or tablet.

The devs are also working on enabling live TV streaming within the home so the user of an Android device with the app can tune their mobile device into something that can move with them around the house. Other updates allow personalization with shortcuts, recommendations, and allowing the user to customize their favorite TV listings and more. You can download the app right now.