We have been expecting this for quite some time, and now the Comcast Xfinity has been released just as expected.

Available now in the Android Market, the application will allow access to home voicemail, DVR management, give the user the ability to view local TV listings as well as other general management options.

The full list of features is as follows:

  • Access home voicemail and forward home phone calls from your Xfinity
  • Voice service directly to your Android device
  • Use the Xfinity mobile widget to quickly review your latest voicemail and email messages
  • Sync your Universal Address Book to have all your personal and professional contacts in one place
  • Review and respond to Comcast.net email
  • Remotely program and manage your DVRs
  • View local TV listings, sort by different categories and watch Video On Demand movie trailers.
  • Widgets: lets you see the two most recent email and voice mail messages; listen to voice mail messages right from the widget.
  • Data Storage: android allows access to storage on the devices, so you can store attachments or other files and also upload files as attachments when sending email.

[Via Xfinity]