We admit that Android may not be as secure but you know, there’s some beauty to it. Genius hackers can easily do anything they want. Just a few changes in code, some cracking, or rebooting, you can make your mobile device do a certain function or enable a special feature. Just yesterday, we learned that an XDA developer managed to enable Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 on his Sony Xperia Z2. This time, let’s bring more fun to the latest bigger, premium flagship by porting the Galaxy Note 5 firmware to the Galaxy S6.

How is that even possible? Of course, it’s Android and XDA developers are great hackers. For one, arter97, a recognized developer on XDA knew that optimizations and some features on the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 are different. The latest flagship’s software is obviously better and more efficient. Porting the firmware of a new model to an older one resulted to improved performance and better memory management with his ‘back-to-n0t3’ project.

According to arter97, you need a Note 5 firmware ready custom kernel with the ROM, specifically the arter97 kernel 2.2. If you know how to make one or know custom kernel developer, you can apply this one on the Galaxy S6.

The dev even gave us an idea of the usual processes that happen during porting: Debloated, De-KNOXed, Odexed, zipaligned, uncompressed.

Remember that doing all these steps will void the warranty of the Galaxy S6. As we always say with suggestions from XDA, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The XDA member strongly suggested that you do your own research first if you plan on doing this hack. Don’t blame the developer if your modifications and hacking won’t be successful.



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