Looks like Microsoft is cooking up something tasty for its Xbox One faithful. It has just updated the beta version of its SmartGlass app with one very important feature: OneGuide. Now users in selected areas will be able to look up what’s showing on TV right from the Android app itself. Thought just a small addition, it heralds the arrival of even more features expected to come really soon now.

OneGuide has been rolling out slowly to Xbox One users, merging the worlds of gaming, video streaming, and terrestrial TV in one Xbox ecosystem. The SmartGlass Android app is just one of the latest to get that feature. And with the update, Microsoft is also announcing the arrival of OneGuide in Australia and the Netherlands.

OneGuide isn’t the only superpower that the SmartGlass app has. It can also stream live TV right into your SmartGlass device, whether it be a phone or a tablet, from the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner. That said, that feature belongs only to a limited number of markets, and Australia is the newest member of that exclusive club.

Microsoft is expected to launch the Xbox One Digital HD Tuner in March that will unlock the full potential of the OneGuide feature. Aside from browsing TV channels, it will allow any SmartGlass device to actually watch those channels directly from OneGuide as well. For now, however, the feature is limited in both functionality and reach. The Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app is free to claim on Google Play Store and is actually a separate download from the stable version.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlasss Beta on Google Play Store
VIA: Kotaku