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Mod for pairing Xbox One controllers to Amazon Fire TV 2 appears

This is the dilemma for these Android TV-based and Amazon Fire TV-based consoles these days, they give you a very easy venue for casual...
PS4 Xbox One controller mashup

PS4 + Xbox One = OUYE (An OUYA copycat)

We had high hopes for OUYA but the startup which started on Kickstarter on 2012 wasn't able to achieve its many goals. If you...

Xbox One Smartglass app on Android to get screenshot feature

The good thing about owning an Xbox One AND a Windows 10 phone is that gamers are able to share their gaming screenshots to...

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta finally gets OneGuide support

Looks like Microsoft is cooking up something tasty for its Xbox One faithful. It has just updated the beta version of its SmartGlass app...

Xbox One SmartGlass gets more social, game recording added

Microsoft is letting out its September Xbox One update a little early. As part of that rollout, it has also updated its SmartGlass apps,...

Xbox One SmartGlass beta: TV streaming, game recording

The Xbox One SmartGlass app beta version has received a major update to make your television, Xbox and your gadgets all the more interactive....

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