Microsoft is doing its fair share of teasers and appetizers for the Friday launch of its next-gen console. This time, the pre-release fever is coming in the form of its SmartGlass app that is now being made available on all supported mobile platforms, which happily includes Android.

SmartGlass for the Xbox One is fundamentally an app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a companion or extension of the Xbox One console, not unlike a similar app released last week by Sony for its PlayStation 4. In some ways, both apps tout the same features such as acting as a remote control for the TV and the Xbox One as well as transforming the mobile device into a second-screen. So far, only a limited number of games and apps have been announced to take advantage of this feature, which includes Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6, Dead Rising 3, Just Dance 2014, Battlefield 4, Internet Explorer, and Machinima.

Of course, the SmartGlass app is almost practically useless without an Xbox One, but Microsoft is suggesting a few ways would-be owners can prepare for the launch. For one, the app will already let users search for for games online, in the highly unlikely case that they still don’t have a game in mind for the console. They can also pretty up their Xbox Live dashboard as well as connect with friends and other gamers who are also eagerly waiting for the console to arrive.

The Xbox One SmartGlass app is available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store via the link below. Xbox 360 owners should take note that this app is different from the older SmartGlass app for the Xbox 360 and should be downloaded separately.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlass on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Microsoft