What’s something I did not expect today but am undeniably glad that it’s arrived in my apps folder? Why, Konami’s original version of X-Men for the arcade, of course, that mega-giant arcade console game that 6 people could stand around with their joystick and three buttons for movement and attack, the one that everyone liked to play in the early 1990s, the late 1990s, and of course now here in the early and late 2000s and 2010s. You may be unable to find one of these setups in your local arcade today, but what you CAN grab today instead is this mobile version from the Android Market – pixels ahoy and mutant battles ahead!

This game will bring you back instantly to that smelly old dark video arcade hut in the mall you remember so well, those bright red joysticks and the buttons you’d only be able to press as long as your friends where there to back you up in the true X-Men way. Yes indeed, you’d have the choice between 6 characters, that being Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and everyone’s favorite: DAZZLER! Each character has a unique set of attacks, both a melee attack and a special mutant power, and a jump button active.

Of course everyone knows that Nightcrawler is best since he flies all around the screen with his special, so you’ll be picking him for certain. Once you press start, you’ll notice the exact same comic book cinematics as in the original 1992 classic, pixels and all. Once you’re playing you’ll again notice that you’re fighting with pixels – lovely, awesome pixels that are magnified in their pixel-ness by the controls and life-meter which are smooth and modern. Slickness to let you know they didn’t skimp, they’re just paying homage.

[vms cc3b8fc4b76635d32e69]

Will the new generation of gamers who never got to experience this game in the arcade appreciate the gameplay and retro nature of the gameplay? We shall see. That said, they’ll certainly have to appreciate that you’re instantly able to hook up with Facebook and Openfeint for multiplayer – multiplayer is what this game is all about, right? Heck yeah!

Also you’ll notice that we’re demoing the game on the HTC Flyer, a tablet of some note – pay close attention to the slight oddities in the menus and select screens as it appears that parts of the game aren’t quite prepared to be working on a screen as large as this tablet is rolling out with.

That said, you can purchase the game for yourself NOW in the Android Market right over [in this link] for $2.99 – worth that price ALL day long. Check it out!