Windows 11 is the first operating system by Microsoft that brings Android apps to the ecosystem, officially. This, the platform does with the Amazon Appstore, also denoted as the Windows Subsystem for Android. However, the catch is, you don’t get the full suite of Android apps available on the Google Play Store. The WSAtools is the workaround that lets the users install Android APKs on their Windows 11. The tool was incognito until, but now it is officially available on the Microsoft Store.

The APK installer developed by Simone Franco had its own set of issues like unexpected crashes, loading screen getting stuck or the problem with the naming which coincides with Windows’ own Windows Subsystem for Android. These issues are now as good as gone, as Simone is excited to see the WSATools version 0.1.70 on the Store.

App description for WSATools enlists quite a lot of disclaimers such as “WSATools is not an official Microsoft app, and it’s not related to them in any way” or the “This app is not related to Amazon and Google either.” Other details include a feature list, such as hassle-free ADB installation for noob users and easy APK installation.

For WSATools to work on Windows 11 PC you need the WSA, Amazon Appstore with WSA and Android Debug Bridge. Apart from this, the user needs to be enrolled in the Dev/Beta channel of the Windows Insider Program.

The Android app support is currently not even available for all users via the Amazon Appstore, as it is currently a part of the Windows Insider Program, and this gives users a very good option to try all the Android apps out there. The sideloader coming to the Microsoft Store spells good news for users who don’t want to overcomplicate things on their PC.


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