Paper, snow, A GHOST! These are the things you’ll be thinking about when you realize that, if you’ve got the same situation going on as us and our good pal Cameron over at Android Police, your Honeycomb device(s) no longer has Words With Friends installed. Shoot! What happened? Did a phantom come and swipe it up? Nay! It appears instead that Zynga’s had some sort of support error happen and, believe it or not, they’ve got no idea! Normally what we’d do in this sort of situation is call the authorities and inform them that their game is broken directly, but the whole Android world needs to know that they’re not going nutso!

Now, this is a sort of strange situation, as normally when a pandemic such as this occurs, it’s when an app is updated. In this case, it appears that whatever Zynga has done on the backend has affected every single device running Honeycomb. When seeing that our Words With Friends in some cases opened to a black screen and in some cases had its icon disappeared entirely, we emailed Zynga, then did a quick search of these internets to see if anyone else had the same situation. What do you know, Cameron certainly did, and the email response to C was the same to me:

Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Support!

Currently, Words With Friends and Chess With Friends are only supported on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android devices. We are working to support other devices and hope to provide access to our players using these other devices in the near future.
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Thank you for the inquiry!

Kind regards, 
Zynga With Friends Customer Support

This makes us rather suspicious of the similar said nature of the reply, of course, so a posting we did go. Furthermore, if you take a look at our massive list of devices in the Android Market, you’ll see every single Honeycomb device popping up as incompatible with the game:

Now what’s to be done? Wait, young padawan, just wait. With several Android sites on the case including your beloved Android Community, results are surely swiftly on their way. Meanwhile you’ll have to bite the bullet and play on your slightly smaller screens!