Withings, the same company who outed the Wiscale wireless scale more than three years ago, has released a new version of its Pulse activity tracker. The Pulse O2 is more of an incremental update that adds a few new features, in particularly the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels and sleep patterns.

Aside from tracking steps, elevation, and heart rate, Pulse O2 can now also help you keep your blood oxygen level in check. It utilizes the 4 LEDs acting as pulse oximeters. Blood oxygen monitors have started becoming a fad among health-oriented smart devices, including smartphones, with blood oxygen being labeled as the fifth vital sign (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate being the other four). This next generation Pulse O2 can also monitor your sleep patterns. It can measure how long you’ve stayed in bed in contrast to how long you’ve actually slept. It can also determine your sleep phases in order for you to analyze and adjust during your waking hours. Unlike its other features, which function whether you wear the band or just tuck it in your pocket or bag, the sleep monitor will only work if you sleep wearing it.

Of course, the Pulse O2 syncs its data to a smartphone and to a Withings account, which you, as an owner, should probably have. With the account, users can have their data available anywhere and analyzed to provide some insight and recommendations, which you can of course view on your smartphone or on the web. It even offers the usual gimmicks to make things more fun, or more competitive, like badges, which you can track on a map, and leaderboards. The Health Mate app is available for free on Android, which you can download from Google Play Store via the link below.


The Withings Pulse O2 has a price tag of $119.95. The new features are also coming to the original Pulse tracker via a firmware update, though no target date has been mentioned. This will ensure that those who own the older Pulse model need not feel left out, though it also means they won’t feel the urge to purchase another device from Withings.

Download: Withings Health Mate on Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear