We are back with even more news today about the WIMM One wearable technology and our Spring Developers Project. In case you haven’t been paying attention we are giving away 10 WIMM One developer kits and have already announced our first three winners. Today we have another four winners so get excited and see the list below if you made the cut.

If you didn’t earn a developer kit yet don’t worry, we still have a few more left and will be announcing additional winners later this week. The simple instructions you see below are what you’ll be following if you want to get an opportunity to grab your own WIMM One developer kit, then below that we have announced another four winners. Hoorah! Remember to submit a few awesome ideas and you might be our lucky winner. As you can see we are choosing big ideas, and small. Our sister site SlashGear has the same project going on now, so head here to double your chances. Just so long as you submit different ideas, of course.

1. Follow and circle our Google+ page at: +Android Community
2. Leave a comment in [this thread] on G+ with your idea for a Micro App that would work great with WIMM in the future.
3. We’ll pick a set of our favorites and select a random winner every 24 hours starting on the 15th of February!

It’s just that simple! You may only submit ONCE, and only ONE idea of yours will be considered for the random pull if it’s good enough to get into the hat in the first place!

Development tools (SDK) are available to registered WIMM developers. Sign up here. For the FULL rules and legalities, head back to the main project post.

Now before we announce the winners we have some other exciting news. The WIMM Micro App Store has finally reached beta and is open now. All the details are available right here and if you are already a developer or signed up feel free to check out the all new Micro App Store. For those already using the WIMM a new software update v1.0.3 is available today too that brings better battery life and easier sync options for the store. You can now seamlessly and wirelessly send new micro apps or watch faces right to the device with ease.

And now for the winners!!!!

4. Chad Peiper

A micro app I have been developing on the emulator for the last month is an app called MindfulWatch.
This app is for persons with ADHD and other behavioral-related issues. MindfulWatch has two modes of interaction:
Training Mode and Reminder Mode.

In training mode a user selects one self help message and is alerted at a fixed interval throughout the
day to, for example, the message Relax might be scheduled every 15 minutes within a time span (e.g. 9:00am – 4:00pm)

1) The user selects a a relevant phrase {list of 15 items} and the ability to create a custom phrase
2) The user selects a fixed interval in minutes/hour for the message alert (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes)
3) The user selects a start and end time (e.g. 6:00am to 5:00pm)

A training alert (vibration) will last 10 seconds and will automatically repeat again in 20 seconds.

In Reminder Mode a user can create up to 10 reminders a day. These alerts remind you to do specific tasks
throughout the day at pre-specified times. These alerts occur daily.

5. Matthew Gasbarre

How about some clocks? I mean the ones that are already on there are nice, but I’m thinking that they could be more. Using a client on a computer a user could customize their clock with an UI, picking from a variety of watch faces, hands, numbers and the like they could make a watch to their liking. This could also be done for a Digital face, allowing for color change, position, and sizing. Same for a binary style, and possibly even some watch faces inspired by the famous TokyoFlash line. Things like weather and Inbox micro-widgets could be placed on the face allowing for even more customization. And once the user is done using the UI to build it they can sync it over Wi-fi like the rest of the settings. I think it’d be really awesome if users could also use custom background images, I’m sure this device needs more cats on it.

6. Edward Ferguson

I would love to see a kid tracker GPS feature with a call mom and dad panic button.

7. Michael Olson

This would work well as a wrist-born multimedia controller. You could use it to control your favorite music app when your phone is docked or in your pocket/purse, manipulate a movie when your tablet is propped up for watching or docked to a TV, or as a wireless control for Google TV.

NOTE: Winners should contact Giveaway[at]SlashGear.com with their contact information including preferred shipping address, phone number, and email so that we can send you your WIMM One developer preview kit, and the full list of winners will be listed in the original Project post! Also remember everyone, just because you’ve submitted your idea and we’ve selected several winners already doesn’t mean you don’t still have a chance to win! We’ve gotten lots of great entries already – keep checking back!

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