It’s time for the first big update of our Spring Developers Project, complete with the first three contributors who earned their very own WIMM One developer kit (which you can also view a full review of on SlashGear if you wish.) This event will continue through this weekend and on to the next week, leading all the way up to the end of the week before Mobile World Congress 2012! Join in on the fun today!

The simple instructions you see below are what you’ll be following if you want to get an opportunity to grab your own WIMM One developer kit, then below that you’ll see our first three winners and their contributed ideas. We’re running this project at the same time as our sister site SlashGear is running a twin event with 10 WIMM One developer kits of their own! Our contest is run on Google+ while theirs is run on Facebook, and it’s all up to YOU where you want to enter. Here’s what you’ll have to do if you want to enter here on Android Community:

1. Follow and circle our Google+ page at: +Android Community
2. Leave a comment in [this thread] on G+ with your idea for a Micro App that would work great with WIMM in the future.
3. We’ll pick a set of our favorites and select a random winner every 24 hours starting on the 15th of February!

It’s just that simple! You may only submit ONCE, and only ONE idea of yours will be considered for the random pull if it’s good enough to get into the hat in the first place!

Development tools (SDK) are available to registered WIMM developers. Sign up here. For the FULL rules and legalities, head back to the main project post.

Our first three winners!

1. Allistair Lee

“As I am a frequent traveler, I have been using Google Maps on my Android phone to navigate around all the time. Taking my 4.5″ phone out and putting it back into my pocket all the time can sometimes be a hassle, especially when I am carrying my luggage. With this, I see many possibilities. Instead of having to check my phone regularly, I can now pair the WIMM One with my phone and navigate around with only WIMM One. I can even expand it even more, with a touch of a menu, I can have all the nearest POI shown on my WIMM One.”

2. Tommy Thompson

“Since a lot of the Smart watches have the ability to get text notifications I think it would be cool if you could setup quick responses, choose one on the watch and have it send it from the phone. Instead of having to pull out your phone for every single reply. Also have the app be a part of the phone so you can edit the quick responses to say what you want them to say.”

3. Micah Madru

“An emergency information app. Incase you ever get into to trouble, like you’re knocked unconscious and bleeding, this app will have all the most vital information that would be accessible. Who to call if it’s an emergency, your blood type, what health procedures you’ve had and so on.”

NOTE winners should contact Giveaway[at] with their contact information including preferred shipping address, phone number, and email so that we can send you your WIMM One developer preview kit, and the full list of winners will be listed in the original giveaway post! Also remember everyone, just because you’ve submitted your idea and we’ve selected several winners already doesn’t mean you don’t still have a chance to win! We’ve gotten lots of great entries already – keep checking back!

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