There have already been many announcements coming out of Computex 2011 so far this week. We have seen some cool demos of the powerful upcoming Kal-El platform running very cool looking upcoming games at the show. While NVIDIA is showing off its wares, we have yet to hear anything from TI. A new rumor is surfacing that TI might well be the preferred chipmaker for the next version of Android beyond Honeycomb called Ice Cream Sandwich.

NVIDIA’s Tegra dual-core is the main processor behind the Honeycomb tablet realm right now. According to a new rumor NVIDIA may not be the major supplier of chips for the next Android tablet version. The TI OMAP 4 chip may be the processor that Google develops Ice Cream Sandwich around reports Gottabemobile.

According to some sources, NVIDIA is apparently struggling to innovate and this is the reason for TI getting the nod to come up to The Bigs for Android tablets. The source reportedly said that TI is reliable whereas NVIDIA is struggling to innovate and with engineering resources. Another rumor claims that Google may be looking for Qualcomm chips for the Android Jello version coming after Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via Gottabemobile]