As time goes by, more and more cellphone makers start to question if they should jump out of the Windows Mobile bandwagon. Back at the end of October, we talked about Android becoming a mobile superpower…well, not exactly, but close.

Anyway, Samsung is the latest manufacturer we hear from, that wants to slowly drop the Redmond OS in favor of the much hotter Android platform. Google’s open source OS; Android, is becoming a must have for many, and that’s something that cellphone makers see as an opportunity to get more revenue.

HMC Investment Securities analyst Greg Noh, said that Samsung will use Windows Mobile on just 50% of their handsets in 2010, that’s down from 80% this year. Not only that but, Greg estimates that only 20% of Samsung handsets will use the WinMo platform by 2012.

Well, so far, Samsung has not confirm or deny these claims. But we can be sure of one thing, the exodus away from Windows Mobile is a fact. Not just from Samsung and Palm, many believe others will follow, unless the Redmond giant begins to do better, much much better on the WinMo platform.