Xiaomi Hugo Barra

For Android fans who don’t know, the iPhone has always been without a microSD card slot so storage expansion was never an option. You have to decide if you want a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB memory. But for Android, expansion has always been an advantage. A small 8GB storage doesn’t really matter because you can just buy a microSD card and stick inside your phone.

Most Android phones do offer memory expansion. Unfortunately for the Galaxy S6 series, Samsung removed that one much to the disappointment of Samsung fans. As for Xiaomi, the company has long not included the microSD card slot for the premium models (the Redmi line still has it though). Formerly part of the Google Android team, Hugo Barra who joined Xiaomi a couple of years ago as Global VP, explained why you won’t find microSD cards in Xiaomi phones.

After the Mi 4i launch in Hong Kong, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra gave more reasons why they are “fundamentally against an SD card slot”. For one, a small microSD card slot still takes up space and the design team did not want to sacrifice a lot of things like appearance, ergonomics, and battery capacity.

Barra also said that microSD cards “are incredibly prone to failure and malfunctioning of various different sorts”. That one makes sense and the fact there are currently fakes available in the market makes it more dangerous. MicroSD cards even those from SanDisk and Kingston are not as reliable. Cards can be slow, they lag, or stop working—giving users a lot of headache.

Mr. Barra believes SD cards will disappear like any trend. It’s already confusing and it needs to go. He sounds firm so let’s not expect any SD card slot in any of Xiaomi’s flagships.

VIA: Engadget