If you’ll take a look below at a bit of the description of the new features on Google Latitude, a close relative of Google Maps, you’ll see that its coming rather close to, and in some cases stepping right on the feet of, the mecha-social-monster Foursquare and their social media game. By the numbers, there were 381,576,305 check-ins during the year 2010, all of them on Foursquare, this same year seeing a growth in users by 3400%. Altogether there have been over 6,000,000 people to sign up for Foursquare since its inception in March 11, 2009. Google Latitude boasts 10,000,000 users participating each and every month.

You can see the numbers 6,000,000 and 381,576,305 on Foursquare’s own blog, while the number 10,000,000 comes from Liz Gannes of NetworkEffect. These numbers speak for themselves, so I’ll go you one better – the awesomeness of Google Latitude’s new Check in feature:

In this new version, you’re using Latitude to do the following things with the following features:
Notifications: turn on check-in notifications so that you’ll get a notification to check in at each location you enter.
Automatic Check-Ins: just like it sounds, this option checks out in automatically when you enter locations (but only locations you’ve pre-specified, so no Big Brother.)
Check Out: Latitude automatically checks you out of locations once you’re out of range.

Also, features include:
Place Page: Each location that’s integrated into this system already has a Place page with reviews, links, directions, etcetera.
Status: Like FourSquare, you can earn special statuses if you’ve checked into a place enough times, (and possibly if you’re the one with the most check ins, though its unclear at the moment.) You can be Regular, VIP, or Guru.
Sharing: Google is careful to note that everything in Latitude is 100% opt-in, from sharing your location to allowing your location to be automatically shared. Share with the whole world, your friends only, or just with yourself. Coming later this week you’ll be able to see your whole history of check-ins at google.com/latitude on your computer.

Check out the rest of the post from whens that description came [Here on SlashGear] With a userbase 40% bigger than Foursquare already, and this new set of amazingly similar but ever-so-slightly-better features being employed today, you can bet Foursquare’s about to be zeroed out, or at least taking the path of MySpace, aka dead-mans-trail, very soon.

If you’d like to check out this new version of Latitude, just download the latest version of Google Maps from Android Marketplace, [DIRECT LINK FOR ANDROID USERS WITH VERSION 1.6 AND HIGHER], and join Latitude from the main menu.

OR of course, then again, there’s always Footfeed: