WhitePages has just today launched a new app called Localicious for Android, an application that will help users find delicious food locally right in your neighborhood hence the name Localicious. WhitePages has been very clear that they’ve been planning this launch for Android and iOS but Apple’s long and difficult approval process makes planning a launch impossible.

WhitePages currently has a popular app for Android called Caller ID that was also first to launch on Android because of the long and drawn out approval process Apple currently has in place, eventually iOS did get the app and it is now available for those iDevices as well.

I think we are going to see a lot of people start to ship Android first,” WhitePages Chief Operating Officer Kevin Nakao said. “You can’t be held hostage.”

Nakao went on to mention that even when Apple does approve an app they don’t give any sort of clear time frame, and that too makes planning a launch or any sort of event difficult to say the least. This all sounds pretty familiar and goes right along with recent comments by Android Co-founder Rich Miner basically saying developers should target Android first given its success.

When talking about the new Localicious app Nakeo made clear that its most distinguished feature from similar apps is the ability to search locally by neighborhoods and streets rather than a geographic location. This way users can find “What’s Good in the Hood” as WhitePages calls it, right around the corner rather then heading over the bridge or into the valley.

For those that want to find some tasty food and give Localicious a try, it is available now in the Android Market for free. All those iDevice users will have to wait til Apple deems the app worthy of their neighborhood.

Download: Localicious

[via AllThingsD]



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