If you often receive texts and calls from unknown numbers who eventually turn out to be spammers and scammers, you might want to pay attention to one of the features of the recently announced new flagship from Samsung. The Galaxy S7 has partnered with Whitepages, a company that gives called ID and spam detection services. And you don’t need an additional app or anything as the service is baked into the brand new smartphone’s system, to help you become almost spam free soon.

What the Galaxy S7 and its Whitepages integration will do for users is to give you enough information whether or not to take a call or respond to a message, when the number isn’t found on your phonebook. Whitepages has over 600 million mobile and landline numbers in the US and more than 1.5 billion numbers globally, and all of these will be at your fingertips, if you live in the 16 countries where this will be available initially. (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States).



Aside from just telling you which number is calling or texting, Whitepages also brings you spam and scam detection so you can “answer or ignore calls with confidence”. There is also a spam button so you can easily report these numbers, in case it’s not yet in the Whitepages database. Another great thing that this baking in brings you is the ability to look for local business information in case you need to have cake or pastries delivered. So you don’t need to Google for the delivery number for the nearest bakeshop, if the businesses near you are included in Whitepages’ database.


So even if you’re not that impressed with the new flagship from Samsung, if this caller ID and spam/scam detection is important to you, then this may be reason enough for you to consider the Galaxy S7.

SOURCE: Whitepages