Google’s Nexus S isn’t new, but the white variant of the Gingerbread smartphone – which is a Vodafone exclusive – certainly is, and we’ve been itching to get our hands on the newer model since we first caught wind of its existence. As the official photos showed, this isn’t quite a full white makeover; in fact, the battery compartment is now white, as are the inset power button and volume rocker, but the front section of the Nexus S is still glossy black.

Still, that’s not to say no work has gone into it; under the battery cover it’s white as well, which leads us to wonder whether it’s something to do with the manufacturing process of the curved glass front that has left it black like the original. It’s not just a color change, either; gone is the fingerprint-magnet glossy finish, replaced with a slightly textured, matte back plate that feels less prone to slipping out of your grasp.

Functionally it’s the same Nexus S we know from the full Android Community review, and still the only Android 2.3 Gingerbread device on the market. It’s “coming soon” to Vodafone.